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- Expogear Automotive is focused on export of truck and bus spare parts. The company is backed up with a qualified staff along with adequate office and warehouse facility fully equipped to prepare international shipment.  It is well located to expedite any shipment without delays caused by far distances and/or traffic jams.
- Expogear handles all:  All spare parts are received, checked and packed in the company.  We do not outsource logistic services or request transport company to store and prepare the shipment.
1) Product inspection one-by-one basis:  No wrong or defective spare parts will be shipped to you. Most export companies do not even open and check products received from factories and discrepancies will be only noticed in your company.
2) Protective Oil:  is added to metal parts in a closed circuit sink system to prevent rust during sea/truck shipment or during shelf time. 
3) Label and Packing:  We label the products in English or in your language as per your instruction.
4) Seaworthy Boxes/ Pallets:  are built with durable wooden materials and with correct measures as to fit  inside the container.   =>This saves on freight charges!
5) Stuffing and Weight Distribuition:   heavier products are placed in the bottom of the box followed by fragile products on the top.  All wooden boxes are prepared to carry similar gross weight => Safety Transportation maesure.

Santos port terminals are 65km away from Expogear.  
No traffic jams are on our way, once we are located at the beginning of the State Road to Santos Port.
Expogear Logistic Routine:  A container or truck arrives at 7:00h at Expogear.  It is loaded in 30 minutes and at 9:00h/ 9:30h your shipment is delivered to the seaport terminal.  The paperwork is submitted to the brazilian customs by 11:00h and your shipment is cleared at around 16:00h on same day.  Your shipment is ready to go aboard in the next available vessel.
This routine is preceded by a careful study as to determine a short transit time route along with the best shipping costs.   By constantly shipping goods overseas, we pass onto you the discount rates on shipping freight offered to us.

The result of these combined steps is a fast, cost efficient and profitable shipment to you.

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